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12 Days of Last Minute Christmas Gifts: A Practical Magic Tarot Reading

You’d be surprised how many people would be stoked to receive the gift of a little clarity.

We present 12 days of last minute gift ideas. Check back each day for new, increasingly desperate gift ideas as Christmas day draws closer and closer. 

On the fifth day of Christmas…

Sometimes the best presents aren’t the ones that you can wrap up in string. Case in point: a tarot reading from Practical Magic. While the idea of catching a glimpse into the future may not be everyone’s cup of tea, in these seriously uncertain times, you’d be surprised how many people would actually be stoked to receive the gift of a little clarity.

We caught up with the intuitive lady behind the site to answer a little pre-reading FAQ.

So what actually happens during a tarot reading?
I pull cards that give you an overview of what’s happening to you now, how you got here, and what you can do to improve your situation or get to your goal.

The images on the card allow us to tap into parts of our subconscious that we normally don’t look into. We really have all the answers we need, sometimes we just need some help and prodding to get to them. No matter what’s happening to you, if you pull a card, its image will have something you can relate to. What pops out will help you access the way you feel about a question, your current situation, a person, or even what you want to happen in your life.

Do you have to meet up in person for it to work?
I do one on one readings which usually take 40 minutes, but online readings work the same way. If you have any specific concerns you want covered, let me know before I start the reading so I can keep them in mind. The plus of online readings is you get everything written down, plus a photo of your cards so you can look back on them any time you want.

Are you predicting the future?
The way I use the cards isn’t predictive—I’m not psychic! Although it has happened many times that certain possibilities brought up during a reading actually manifest later on. I don’t predict because we all have free will—what you do or what happens to you is mostly up to you. Anything can change! The tarot shows you different opportunities or possibilities rather than predicting specific events.

What misconceptions do people usually have about tarot?
They think it’s scary! I like to tell new clients that getting a tarot reading is more like therapy. It’s like peeling off the layers we use to protect ourselves so we can get to the heart of the matter, and from there figure out exactly what you can do to make your life better.

Illustration by Diigii Daguna

Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
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