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Chef Robby Goco puts a contemporary twist to Greek cuisine

Souv! by Cyma is a progressive take on the world’s healthiest food

If Cyma and Chef Robby Goco are indications, Filipinos want more and more of Greek cuisine. “I’ve been open for 10 years and I already have 9 branches,” he says. “The market right now is all about finding ways of eating healthier and cleaner. Cleaner in the sense that you use better fats, oils, and grains.”souv-3The chef proves this anew with Souv! by Cyma, his latest dining destination located at Bonifacio Global City. The name of his new restaurant is based on souvlaki, a type of dish consisting of skewered meats cooked on an open flame. Chicken, pork and lamb—the three most popular meats in Greek cuisine—are the heroes of this menu, which Roby describes as progressive.souv-1While Souv! does take its cue from Cyma—it has the latter’s 12 most popular dishes in its roster—it adds more present-day twists to its offerings. “But it’s not fusion. It’s still 100 percent authentic,” he is quick to clarify. “You will never find Oyster sauce, or Sriracha on my menu. I was in Greece a month ago. And I was looking around restaurant menus, would you believe they already had quinoa. They’ve even started adapting raw fish as an appetizer.”souv-4Their array of dishes is a reflection of this progression, from its Lamba Yiouvietsi (a Greek paella of sorts) to its intimidating Angus Beef Short Rib. Seafood lovers won’t feel left out with items such as the Grilled Whole Fish, which is heightened with a cream-like emulsion of clam juice and olive oil. Grains are well-represented on the menu with its cranberry quinoa bowl (this non-meat eating writer’s favorite). As for the roasted meat, you can choose to have them as a wrap, salad, or bowl served with your choice of a side. The kitchen promises to have your orders to be served in just five minutes.  souv-2Chef Robby is a big believer that this cuisine is, by far, the healthiest in the world. And this is what sets the gastronomic experience at his restaurants apart. “As we know, ‘let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food,’” he says, quoting Hippocrates. “You’ll be eating something that is actually good for your body.”souv-5

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