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Who Ever Said Nice Guys Finish Last?

Made Nice Supper Club is here to usher in a new decade of casual fine dining.

The term fine dining is well-recognized but hard to accurately define. Some say that fine dining is an experience where everything meets in perfect synchronization—a masterpiece of symphonic aromas and an Instagram-worthy image to behold, topped with texture that instantaneously challenges and calms. But a bunch of Filipino twenty-somethings are here to provide you with something that’s a cut above your usual fine dining experience. With culinary expertise from around the globe, these artisans have perfected the art of “casual fine dining” at the Made Nice Supper Club. As the expression suggests, the partners hit two birds with one stone by combining the flavorful taste of fine dining-level food with a playful ambiance that casually puts anyone who dines here at ease.made nice 3This bunch of new generation culinary entrepreneurs met a while back in Enderun and are here to create a dining experience new to the Manila scene. They aim to showcase bits and pieces of their experiences and travels through the creative curation of their food. The five partners come from varying backgrounds. Jack Flores, who was once heavily involved in the gastronomic scene of New York, is now the head of the Made Nice kitchen. Gabbi Ramos-Flores, who perfected the art of confectionery in New York, is the mastermind behind their desserts. Raul Flores, aka “The Pasta Guy,” takes home a skill or two from Providence, which enables him to whip up your favorite pastas from scratch. On the operational side, Wren Go manages the establishment and ensures that everything is running at an optimal level, while Toby Panlilio, who was once affiliated with Manila Peninsula and The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, handles service and marketing.made nice 2Located in the heart of Legaspi, Made Nice is accessible to all those who wish to have a good-ass meal after a long day of work. The name “Made Nice Supper Club” stems from the team’s pledged allegiance to serve food that is always made nice. Their bestsellers include the Angoloti, which is an exquisite dish comprised of little pillows filled with sweet corn, cream cheese, and corn stock. On top of that, the dish has a parmesan and truffle emulsion right in the center. Another crowd favorite is their signature pasta, the Tagliolini—think fresh noodles that have been thickened by duck yolk, mixed with Pecorino Romano and Parmesan cheese. For the seafood lovers out there, their halibut is another addition to their best-selling list. Made Nice serves a sourdough crusted halibut, topped with 3 different types of mushrooms, served with herbed rice. As for dessert, the pâtissière recommends their milk chocolate, which is basically a dense chocolate cake on a bed of dulce de leche, chocolate ganache, home made malt ice cream, and milk solids.made nice 2In stark contrast to a menu bursting with flavor, the ambiance of the restaurant is clean and warm – a safe space for creating memories with friends, and a place where you might actually end up liking a dish you never thought you’d try before. To the Made Nice team, it’s not just about finding that unique selling point to drive all customers out others’ doors and through theirs. It’s about crafting a food community with a shared passion.

Made Nice isn’t about setting themselves apart from the Manila food community. Rather, they aim to be part of a group of restaurants that truly care about producing food with some soul – food that has been cooked with passion, minus all the shortcuts. From the ingredients to the overall experience, everything is Made Nice. As the inescapable ebb and flow of food trends go, the Nice guys are here to stay.

Produced by Andrea Ang and Alyssa Castillo
Photography by Shanne Lauron

Bea Lim
Bea is an intern at Rogue Media. An Amal Clooney fanatic, yogalates aficionado, and fashion-beauty expert (in her own world), you can find her on Instagram at @beatrice.plim.
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