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This everyday tote bag wants you to love yourself

Provocative brand Outlines. urges everyone to be proud of who they are.

outlines-pullAs an architecture major just waiting to graduate from the College of Saint Benilde, Laraine Llanes has had a lot of time on her hands. Wanting to make this period more productive, she along with friends Ian Abella and Alessa Engalan collaborated on Outlines., a canvas tote brand that sports stylish and authentic designs.outlines-1These aren’t your ordinary pug caricatures, famous quotes, or brand logos. Outlines. plays around with design points that are attention grabbing for a relatively conservative country like ours. We’re talking about breast nipples, girl-on-girl action, stretch marks, etc. In a time when large companies and popular fashion houses are ripping off art from “unknown” artists, Outlines. wants to place an importance on originality. Right now, the line consists of seven designs, with each bag priced at an affordable P160.outlines-2With sensitive topics such as nudity, lesbianism, and body-shaming now worn like a badge of honor, Outlines. emphasizes the beauty in creating art out of what women are often reluctant to show. In developing the line, Llanes found a means to further a personal advocacy. “I’m not telling people to go out and go crazy, but I encourage women–young or old–to embrace their flaws, their sexuality, and whatnot. This is just the beginning,” she shares.

Produced by Alyssa Castillo
Photography by Renzo Navarro
Art Direction by Mags Ocampo
Worn by Renee Ultado

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Alyssa Castillo
Alyssa Castillo is a freelance writer and is concurrently Rogue Media's Editorial Assistant for The NBHD. She reads for fun, writes for a living, and wastes too much time entertaining the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. Find her on Instagram as @alyssakcastillo.
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