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‘Finally Found Someone’ Runs on Autopilot

John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo stumble through their fourth movie together

NBHD movie 1-2 ticketsFinally Found Someone begins with Aprilyn (Sarah Geronimo) getting left at the altar. She goes a bit crazy trying to reach her fiancee, and she ends up becoming the subject of several viral videos. PR man Raffy (John Lloyd Cruz) is hired to manage the situation for her fiancee, who is an aspiring politician. Raffy tries to orchestrate a reunion for the couple in order to get people back on the side of the fleeing groom. And as he crafts a new image for the heartbroken bride, he finds himself disarmed by her earnestness. But soon enough, his work gets in the way of their getting closer.Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.51.13 AMThe setup doesn’t really do much to change the dynamic between John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo, who have worked together before in an unprecedented trilogy of romcoms that had them playing the same two characters over the course of five years. These characters may be nominally new, but little is done to push this pairing in new directions. Geronimo is still playing the earnest romantic, while Cruz is the aloof, career-driven charmer unwilling to honestly express his feelings. The specifics of the situation may be different, but the film basically builds its romance on the same beats.Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.51.33 AMThe two share a chaste chemistry that doesn’t exactly result in cinematic fireworks, but they’re able to make some of it feel fun. The most affable in this movie take away the bloated context of the story and just have the two looking like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. But those moments, as it turns out, are far and few in between. Like so many of these recent Star Cinema films, an obsession with social media combined with a halfhearted stab at some sort of emotional gravity creates a mess of a narrative that becomes a real obstacle in connecting with what’s happening on screen.Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.55.33 AMThe film’s central conflict never really lands. It involves public relations arcana and just a tinge of political menace that feels out of place within the context of this remarkably chaste romance. There is a real struggle at the center of this film. These are supposedly adult characters dealing with adult problems. Raffy, for one, is dealing with politicians prone to threatening to ruin the lives of people. But the tone runs cartoonish and juvenile, functioning completely on immature logic that doesn’t mesh well with the situations that the film has set up.Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.53.27 AMAnd so, the film ends up taking these odd turns. It leaves out certain elements of the narrative for long stretches, only to bring them back late into the movie, when it needs a shot of unjustified drama. The film basically reframes everything that the characters have done, rendering much of it meaningless. And then none of those reintroduced elements factor into the resolution anyway. Through all this, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are never really convincing as a couple. They do seem to be capable of having fun with each other, but they exhibit little of the spark that they’ve managed to eke out in their previous appearances together.Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.52.58 AMFinally Found Someone kind of feels like the local romcom on autopilot. It just tries to get in all the familiar tropes of the genre in lieu of any actual commitment to any particular idea. There is a jilted bride and a guy who doesn’t really believe in romance. There is a former love who isn’t at all a factor in the story until he has to be. There is just a hint of career ambition and office politics, which is conveniently forgotten for a long stretch. There is an ostentatiously sick parent that only seems to be a concern when the movie gets starved of drama. And when all is said and done, none of it really matters. Those problems just stop being problems as the film barrels aimlessly toward its unwarranted ending.

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