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FitFlop’s New Collection Will Give You Superpowers

The S/S 2017 collection from FitFlop empowers women not just through refined technology, but also through staying true to their tradition of excellent products.

FitFlop isn’t the type of footwear brand that has qualms with staying the same. For ten years, they’ve smartly stayed within their corner; instead of chasing trends and pursuing redundant reinventions, FitFlop has spent the last decade fine-tuning the formula they know works, and putting out reliable products that withstand shifting seasons and tastes. Now with their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, under the theme “Superwomen,” they maintain their hold on the belief that women of all walks of life have the same potential to be exceptional, no matter the circumstances — and empowering that potential has to start literally from the ground-up.

Exemplifying the qualities of the modern superwoman is Uma Thurman — a fitting choice for the collection’s first brand ambassador, given her history of being effortless on her feet, be it slaying baddies in Kill Bill or twisting on the dance floor in Pulp Fiction. Effortlessness is what FitFlop wants to highlight with their new additions. In particular, the UBERKNIT high-top sneaker and the open-toe iQushion are biomechanically engineered to reduce fatigue through underfoot cushioning. In other words, they aren’t just comfortable for the feet, but help you adjust your entire body position — while being so lightweight that you forget you have them on.Fitflop GIFHowever, Louise Barnes, Global Marketing Director of FitFlop, emphasizes that their Superwomen campaign isn’t just about promotion; they don’t just say that they’re for the empowerment of women and leave it at that. FitFlop has been partnering with charitable organizations around the world (notably, Habitat for Humanity), proving that they can effect tangible change. “Collaborations are not just about celebrity partnerships, but also what you can do at a grassroots level,” says Barnes. “That’s very important to us as a brand.”

FitFlop knows who they are. They acknowledge that their message of Superwomen isn’t the first of its kind, but they prefer to see the campaign as a new way of articulating what they’ve been wholeheartedly supporting for the last ten years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — but keep making it better.

Art by Justin Perez

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