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Get Well: GMA star Julie Anne San Jose

The rising singer and actress on how not worrying about her diet actually keeps her fit (and sane).

Has fitness always been a part of your lifestyle?
Not at all. It was only last year that I started working out to lose weight. I started doing cardio, then took up Muay Thai and boxing para mas-toned yung muscles ko. I still felt like I was a little puffy, so I added more cardio to my routine, like biking and jumping rope. Whenever hindi busy yung schedule ko, I made sure to make time to work out.

How about your diet?
That’s one thing that I’m not strict about. For me, the more I try to diet, the more likely it won’t work. I don’t like depriving myself of food either. I love eating! I even eat a lot more now. What’s more important and what works for me is that I try to eat healthier, pick healthier food. I don’t want to be too thin. As long as your skin is glowing and you eat the right food, drink lots of water, and have fruits and vegetables, then you’re good.

Do you look up to anyone for fitspiration?
I like Kylie Jenner’s figure because she’s a celebrity who’s not that thin. She keeps her curves.julie anne 1As someone who has to work around a really tight schedule—with recording, filming, and making public appearances—how important is it that you get enough rest?
Oh, I sleep whenever I can. During taping, if I’m not in a scene, I take my time seriously. Sobrang hectic and tight yung schedule namin—we shoot MWF, our call time is at 6am, and we usually shoot until the next day. The only time you get to rest is in the car or the tent, so taking care of yourself is very important. I sleep as much as possible and don’t starve myself so that I can keep my energy up.

How do you feel about your body as you grow older?
Well, what’s good about my body now is that masmaganda yung metabolism ko. Sobrang bilis talaga. It wasn’t always like that. I think it’s the way my body matured, which I’m thankful for.julie anne 2What do you eat to keep you fueled on a daily basis?
I eat rice, carbs, protein… anything and everything! Nothing is bawal—well, except okra. I really don’t eat okra. I just don’t like the taste.

Any summer plans?
My shooting schedule is really tight, but when I get a break I look for things that are more peaceful just to get away from the stress. During Holy Week my family went to Subic, so I actually got time to just relax at the hotel, walk around, and swim. Even though there were a lot of people, the vibe was really relaxed and chill. So if ever, something like that.

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Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
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