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Get Well: Mathew Custodio

How this Benchsetter and DLSU football player stays in shape.

How often do you work out in a week?
I don’t start at DLSU until January, but I go there every day to train for football.

Have you always been into football?
Oh yeah, I’ve been playing it all my life. Before I was born I was kicking my mom na. Right now I’m an attacking mid-field, so I play behind the striker.

Do you do any other workouts?
Actually it’s been two months since I started consistently working out at the gym for the first time. For the purpose of, sure, strengthening for football, but also just to look good. I had to once I started modelling for Bench. Before that I was just training for football every day.

That training wasn’t enough?
It was, but maybe I felt more pressure. Like, now that I’m doing this Bench thing, I want to look even better. You know—to fit into the underwear and stuff.

Do you plan to do Bench Body stuff?
Not yet—but hopefully. Just kidding!

Do you feel like your approach to fitness has changed since you started modelling?
I feel like I have to be more lean, which is good because I was never consistent with going to the gym before. I’d never even had a membership, but now it’s my second month of going to one.

What’s your schedule like now that you’re juggling Bench with football?
Right now my schedule is pretty simple but it still takes up my whole day. I wake up at 4:30am because training starts at 6. It takes place in Rizal and I live in Merville, so it’s pretty traffic and a long drive as well. That’s my daily routine. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays our training is in De La Salle Zobel in Alabang, so I get up even earlier.

After training (which is about 9am) some of the other players have class, but since my term hasn’t started yet, I take my time at the gym. If I’ve had a really intense training session though, they also offer fitness therapy, so sometimes I spend that time recovering. I also do some modelling work after that.

Would you say you’re more into team sports than solo workouts?
When it comes to the field and to the pitch, we train together as a team, but I’m more of an individual guy when it comes to working hard. I’m not a good captain, you know what I mean? I’m the guy who’s gonna push myself, but I’m not gonna shout at anyone else. I’m just going to focus on pushing myself. That being said it’s still a team sport, so you have to work both ways.

Who inspires you to work out?
There are people that I follow on Instagram for their workouts—specifically Bradley Simmonds (@bradleysimmonds). He’s a personal trainer for a couple of the professional football players in England. And, of course, like everyone else who plays football and wants to look good, I follow Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano). I don’t care if this sound gay, but he’s hot. It’s the truth.

Are you strict about what you eat?
I eat properly but I don’t follow a specific diet because I physically can’t. You know how models have these really strict, military-type diets? I can’t do that because I’m an athlete. I need all the food that I can take. I’ll eat anything.

What is your perfect cheat meal?
Turon, which I seriously eat every day. If you see my Snaps you’ll see the turon stand that I always go to. I don’t miss a day. Turon and bananaque—it has to be that combo. I have it before I train and it gives me energy. I guess I don’t really consider that a cheat meal since it’s a daily thing for me though… Maybe something more indulgent like a katsu at Yabu. Or donuts. I was at the Krispy Kreme launch recently and I brought home five dozen boxes, which made my mom really happy. At the party I had, like, a dozen to myself. I had 12 pieces at least.

What do you love the most about working out?
I really believe that if you look good you feel good. Being fit gives me lots of confidence in general. I’ve also been getting really tan from being out in the field, so I’m not hiya anymore to take my shirt off. Simple things like that. Like after a game or training, the DLSU volleyball team trains the same time as us, so if I have to take off my shirt in front of them, it’s all good. It doesn’t stress me out.

Photography by Kitakat Pajaro

Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
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