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This new food park in the south wants to elevate the scene

Container Turf’s carefully curated choices inspires you to go on a gastronomic adventure

To get the most out of your trip to Container Turf, it would be best to come in with an empty stomach, with a four or five more in tow. The newest food park in the South offers more than 35 concepts inspired by local and international cuisine. Taste wasn’t the only consideration in selecting partners for the Turf; they must also must be aligned with the brand identity: hip, alive, and colorful.  According to Benj Bolivar, one of the principal partners in Container Turf, they envision the venue to be a place for for start-ups to thrive. “We want to uplift homegrown products and jumpstart their business,” he says.container-turf-1To start things on a refreshing note, get drinks from Swig & Guzzle. Try out the Basil Blueberry Guyabano drink, which were had repeat orders of. Their filling spiked milkshakes are also worth a taste.container-turf-6There is some sort of Asian invasion at the Turf. Check out the French fries-wrapped Gamja corndog at the Korean streetfood specialist Noona. Okawari has pretty good bento selections while Kuromon’s yakitori is a must-try. Vietnam is well-represented with Eatnam and their pho and crepe offerings. You can get samosas, biryani, and Keralan papad from Southspice Hut. And the Good Tapa has interesting variants of the meat dish and an interesting backstory behind its name. Just ask.container-turf-2Pothead Pig, meanwhile, wants to elevate Pinoy pulutan with its quick bites—from bagnet sisig to kikiam—served on wooden pots from Paete. The dishes from The Sausage Party come with three dips and a box of balloons and baderitas. Zig-ah-Zag serves spam, corned beef, eggs and tuna between two deep-friend hashbrowns. The Steak Joint offers t-bone and porterhouse cuts armed with five special sauces. Bagnet, always a favorite, has a home in Bagwings, which is a fusion of chili garlic wings and Cebu lechon bagnet.container-turf-4Cap off your gastronomic adventure with various cakes from Tsoko Loko, or frozen custards from The Cone Head. Or pour melted chocolate over the chocolate spheres from Melt to reveal even sweeter surprises.container-turf-5“We wanted to raise the standards of food parks here in the Philippines, in terms of design, food choices, and overall experience,” Benj explains. “We want to provide a vibrant and young atmosphere.” And definitely, exciting times are coming up for the Turf. We can expect regular events and concerts (Up Dharma Down will be there on their grand launch!), Netflix and quiz nights, video game contests, and much more.

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