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The New Minimalism: Ermitanio

Ermitanio proves that minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring.

When most of us think of minimalism in relation to fashion, we go for the obvious: normcore. Though that trend has been pushed aside for fresher aesthetics – if you can call the sudden resurgence of skate culture and looking like a (very chic) librarian fresh – minimalism remains crucial to the personal style of some women.

Alyssa Ermitanio, the designer behind up and coming brand Ermitanio, understands the timelessness of minimalism.  “Ermitanio is all about doing more with less; ease is essential. The clothes are soft, made of lightweight material without any prints or embellishments,” she shares. Take note, however, that minimalism doesn’t automatically equate to a snooze fest or some kind of foolproof sartorial safety. Rather, it is a careful practice of restraint and a weighed balance between details and negative space.alyssa ermi 3

The designer believes that women don’t need much to convey a strong message, at least sartorially speaking. “I spent half of my girlhood in a place with magnificent domes, grand piazzas, and golden palaces – Rome. There, I was able to witness strong, confident, intriguing women. Women who knew what image they wanted to convey to the world.” According to her, these kinds of women would always wear understated items overflowing with elegance. This belief is reflected in the strong shapes of her first collection of blatantly flared pants, shin-length vests, and asymmetrical cuts held together by silver rings.

Ermitanio’s minimalism isn’t purely an aesthetic choice. The brand is also built around the idea of practicality, the concept of mixing and matching. With a colour palette consisting entirely of black and white, Ermitanio is perhaps one of the best local choices for statement pieces to integrate into your everyday wardrobe regardless of what your own personal style may be.alyssa ermi 2 copyAt the moment, Ermitanio is on a pre-order-only basis. A ready-to-wear line will be in the works quite soon – starting with a collection of bottoms. For now, though, the fresh grad of a designer is busy creating patterns for pants to wear to her upcoming job interviews.

Photographs by Andrea Beldua (c/o Alyssa Ermitanio)

Mags Ocampo
Mags Ocampo is a twenty-two-year-old writer, graphic designer, and life guru (or so her friends claim). She currently works as Rogue Media Inc.'s Digital Art Director and takes freelance jobs on the side. She likes diving into whitecaps, reading sad books, and trying to tear down the patriarchy during her spare time. She's taken on adulthood by changing her screen names to her actual name, and thus, can be found as @magsocampo on Twitter and Instagram.
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