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Peep this: Inside Raiza Poquiz’s Modern Home

How the interior designer and lifestyle blogger balances multiple design elements under one roof.

Interior designers, well, design the interiors of any given space. We see their work out in the open–in magazines or Architectural Digest, exposed and soaked up by readers and Pinterest addicts. But have you ever wondered what their own living room would look like on any given day? Here, Raiza Poquiz of misspopquiz.com welcomes us into her family’s home filled with elegance and warmth.raiza 1The high ceiling and white walls call for a living room space that greeted us with an airy atmosphere of cool air and sunlight. It’s rather well-lit and inviting enough not to be intimidated by the modern, sharp edges of the house. Its glass windows, wrapped around the corners of its structure, make for a softer look that brightens up the house during the day.raiza 3Raiza shares that she designed the place with the idea of a clean setting that’s easy on the eyes; anything neutral would do. “There was a lot of black, white, and grey to begin with.” But she shares that it was her mom’s idea to add wood and some greenery to warm up the space, and purchase furniture that’s easy to clean – like that black marble coffee table. You know what they say: ‘Mothers know best.’ After all, it is a family home that’s lived in by her immediate family, as well as her baby niece and baby nephew.IMG_9343Entering Raiza’s bedroom, her sister Shari of themistymom.com jokes on the side and comments on seeing Raiza’s floor for the first time. “It’s so clean today,” she says, wide eyed in disbelief. Spotless and in mint condition, it wasn’t difficult for us to notice first the minimalistic details accentuated with muted tones of grey and metallic colors of gold. But to liven up the space, tidbits of Raiza’s personal accessories like makeup, skincare products, sunglasses, and a polaroid camera are all lined up and ready for display. These quirky details sure add a lot of personality to the room, much like the character of its owner – charming, sweet, and slightly edgy.raiza 2It was a quick tour of her personal space, but we picked up something important: Balance is key. Unknowingly to her, she probably takes after her mom as she gives this indirect advice –something worth noting down. If anything, incorporating calculated balance in design was the message Raiza hoped to send out through her skills. And she achieved it.

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