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A Quick Chat with LANY

Paul, Les, and Jake talk about their sound and songwriting, “Super Far,” and the tricky business of moving on

“When we started, we kind of just discovered our sound by experimenting in our room one day and we just let the sounds flow,” says Paul Klein of LANY (Los Angeles New York). “We were like, ‘hey, well, this is something.’ We kind of just stuck to that path.” It was something all right, and the lead vocalist of the American alternative band along with Les Priest (guitar and backup vocals) and Jake Goss (drums) have been riding a growing wave of popularity since they started collaborating in 2014.lany-2“We each come from different backgrounds then we came together and then created a sound that’s a collaboration of the three of us. Right now, we just try to stick to that,” Paul shares. The three-man group brought this musical chemistry to the country over the weekend when they toured Ayala Malls for a series of concerts. We did a quick catch up with the trio and talked about their music and why they keep coming back to Manila.lany-3How does your music writing go?
Paul: We treat our writing process as a day job. I remember this quote that goes along the lines of, “real artists are real professionals,” and it’s like we work from 8am to 5pm. We set aside time and really create a schedule for this when we’re back home and not on tour.
Jake: Yeah, we don’t just sit around and wait for the wind to blow in the right direction.
Les: If you wait for inspiration to strike, it may take forever. It may never come.

Your songs come off as raw, genuine, and emotionally-charged pieces that many resonate with.
Paul: Yeah, I’ve never really been embarrassed for being honest. I never regretted being honest or telling the truth. I think, lyrically, we’re here today because we speak openly about our emotions and experiences.

Is there something more you’d like to say to those who are still trying to let go and move on from an awful situation?
Paul: I’m no relationship expert, but I think you should always guard your heart. If the relationship doesn’t work out, just walk in love and forgiveness and dedicate yourself to your craft. Also, surround yourself with good people.

How did your first EPs shape you as artists today?
Les: It makes us want to make things as good as we can.
Paul: It pushes us to make something wonderful for our fans.

Let’s talk about “Super Far,” which is becoming a big hit.What’s the story behind the song?
Paul: I had a session of writing that day. I was just kind of spot-on with my personal life. At that point, I felt like I was in the very worst of my relationship and it was very important that I was giving back. I wrote very candidly about that day and it’s interesting how that led to me co-writing with incredible songwriters who also helped me shape the melody for that song. It all came together nicely.

We know you were here just recently last March for Wanderland. What makes you keep coming back to Manila?
Paul: The thing is, it wasn’t even our show. It was a festival and we weren’t headliners or anything.
Jake: But the crowd was still really excited and really invested; and that’s always fun for any artist.
Les: To show up to a festival you’re not headlining in but still feel like you are headlining, you want to come back as soon as possible so you can play your own show.
Jake: Yeah, you never forget that.
Paul: We try to go back to everywhere. We try to go back as much as we can.

Photos by Renzo Navarro

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