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A Quick Chat with Liza Soberano

The face that launched a thousand magazine pages and the latest Fujifilm ambassador on shoot pet peeves, Game of Thrones, and going behind the camera

NBHD: How do you prepare for shoots?
Liza: Well, when I wake up in the morning I like to prep my skin. If it’s a high fashion magazine editorial, they don’t require for me to come in with much makeup because they usually depend on a theme. So I get ready in the morning by washing my face, moisturizing, and sometimes I use a facial scrub to rejuvenate my skin.

Do you have any shooting pet peeves?
I don’t like it when shoots are too crowded because I get shy. There’s a camera and then there’s also a lot of other people taking pictures at the same time. I’m always trying to be in the mood because it’s not something you do on an ordinary day. It’s not like you’re always posing. It’s okay if they’re on the side, but if they’re right in front of me, it distracts me. I don’t get in the zone. I also don’t like it when the theme is too girly because it’s just not my style. Although I can’t control what the magazine wants or what the stylist makes me wear.liza-1That’s valid. Do you have a dream photo shoot? 
I actually want to do a photo shoot that is inspired by Game of Thrones. Although I haven’t watched it myself, I admire the aesthetics of the show. There’s a fantastical and royal feel to it.

I get you! How about international photographers? Who do you want to work with in particular?
I actually got to work with one that I really looked up to since I was a child. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model, and I got to work with Nigel Barker. It was about two years ago and that was a dream come true.

Did you tell him that?
Yeah, I told him and then he signed my book for me! Kendall Jenner isn’t a professional photographer but I would like her to take a photo of me. And, of course, Cole Sprouse as well.liza-2Having worked with Niko Villegas for this campaign with Fujifilm, and other top photographers in the country, did you pick up tips from them?
Actually, all of them are really different in terms of lighting, and of how they handle the talent. I appreciate photographers who guide me through the shoot so if it were me shooting, I would do the same to my subject. That’s how I am. Whenever I take photos of my family, I direct them to ease my OC tendencies. Never ako nagpaturo because I’m shy. I don’t want to bother anyone and ask them, “paano po gamitin ’to? How do I fix my camera?” I just observe how they work.

So you have plans of trying out things behind the camera?
I really do enjoy taking photos of other people and capturing moments through my own lens. When I was in high school, my tito would always ask me what course I wanted to take. I would ask, “is photography a course?” So yeah, it’s perfect that I’m with Fujifilm now because it allows me explore photography. Someday I might even take a lesson or two.

Photography by Renzo Navarro

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