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Ringlight Sessions: Over October

The band’s duo—both named Josh—shares how they were empowered performing in front of an audience of three.

Ringlight Sessions: The Neighborhood puts up-and-coming or in-the-moment local artists and musicians in the spotlight—or more accurately, ringlight—to show us what they’ve got. Next up: Over October.


One quiet car ride changed everything. Over October’s vocalist Josh Buizon and lead guitarist Josh Lua started out as a duo back as college sophomores who simply enjoyed covering crowd favorites. After a gig with the Ateneo Musicians Pool, they found themselves on their way to She’s Only Sixteen’s Andrew Panopio’s house for a party. On the ride going there, a plan to become a full-fledged band was formed.

Today, Over October includes drummer Janessa Geronimo and bassist Joric Canlas. Although it’s admittedly easier to attend gigs back when they were still students, they still find a way to balance and commit to their craft. Lua shares that, after all, what keeps them going is knowing “na may isa sa audience na sobrang gusto yung music namin.” A memorable experience was when they played “one bad gig, but then there was this group of two or three who really enjoyed our music,” Buizon chimes in, “and so, we just played for them.” As fans reach out to them via social media, they can’t help but feel uplifted that people enjoy their music. “Nakakatuwa kasi mga four or five years ago, kami yun eh,” Lua says.

In songwriting, Buizon takes inspiration from the different people he meets. “I’ve written songs about people I’ve loved. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak,” he adds. You can listen to an acoustic rendition of their song “Never Stop” below:



Describe yourself as an artist.
JL: Ako, to be honest, medyo disappointed ako sa growth ko as an artist kasi tamad ako. Nung simula, I’d play guitar back in first year high school, parang ang bilis ng pag-galing talaga todo tapos parang biglang nawalan ng gana. Siguro, I lack inspiration. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako huhugot. It helps to have a music buddy who pushes you to excel. Nawalan ako ng ganon so nanghihinayang ako sa daming oras na nasayang ko to become a better musician.

JB: As an artist and musician, I’m also like Lua, but I’m more frustrated. I’m hard on myself. The songs we release, the songs that I write, and the way that I perform everything. I guess I set the bar so high for myself and I always want to give people the best.

Yeah, you don’t want anything to be half-baked.
JB: That’s why I’m frustrated because I really want everything to perfect and done well so I guess that’s why I have a difficult time in that aspect of my life as an artist.

Five years ago, you thought you’d be much more skilled now?
JL: Yeah, skilled.

JB: I thought I’d be writing more, or that I’d have more songs by now. I guess that’s part of it also. But then, at the same time, I never thought that we’d get to where we are now so that’s something. I didn’t really plan to have a band, or be in a band. So yun.


Josh Lua


Can you give us your top 3 songs on repeat.
JB: Now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Khalid, so I like “Coaster and “American Teen. I also like Daniel Caesar’s “Get You.” And, maybe, “Every Teardrop is A Waterfall,” by Coldplay.

JL: Usually nakikinig ako sa mga live concerts sa YouTube. Sakin siguro Jason Mraz’s “Quiet.” Ang ganda nun. Nag-evolve yung music niya, sobrang iba. Also, paborito kong pakinggan John Mayer’s “Where the Light Is” live concert in LA. Isa sa favorites ko yung “Bakit Part 2” ng Mayonnaise.

One song that you would recommend to anybody?
JB: It’s the first song that comes to my head like when I feel bad, I listen to John Mayer’s “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test.”

JL: Siguro kung kakakilala ko lang sa person, papamukha ko na Mayer fan ako. Unang song na ibi-bring up ko is yung “Edge of Desire.” Ganda ng lyrics.

I’m guessing you guys are real Mayer fans?
Both: Yeah!

Is OPM dead or thriving?
JL: Thriving.

Both: Striving.

JL: Ang daming magagaling, you just have to look for it. There’s Ben & Ben and IV of Spades. Andiyan rin yung Mayonnaise and Hale.

JB: And and just the fact that NBHD is doing Ringlight Sessions goes to show that it’s alive.

JL: May mga iba na nagpo-post lang sila ng mga originals nila. Ang daming ganon eh. If you don’t count that as OPM, bakit? Tsaka nakakatuwa ngayon ang dami ng nasa ibang genre.


Josh Buizon


Dream artist to collaborate with local or foreign dead or alive.
JL:  John Mayer.

JB: Coldplay. They’ve been my heroes talaga since I was a kid.

JL: Local? Siguro Bamboo. Lumaki ako na fan ni Bamboo.

JB: Local would be Gary V.

Photography by Renzo Navarro
Art direction by Mags Ocampo
Makeup by Bea Colet and Nicole Ceballos

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