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Get Well: GMA Actor Ivan Dorschner

Caught up with a hectic schedule, Ivan reveals that his key to work-life balance is keeping everything simple.

How often do you work out?
Well, in my dreams, 4 times a week. I would do that, but now, just once every 2 weeks. I used to do a lot of mountain biking as my main sport twice a week, and I’m still finding time to get back to that. Everything else I do is modelled after strength training, and then the diet takes care of the rest. The most important thing I’m doing for my health right now is Intermittent Fasting.

Cool! Alex Diaz mentioned that previously. Can you tell us more about it? What does it do for you?
It makes everything simple. I don’t have to worry about preparing food or breakfast in the morning. After all, it’s so time consuming. It’s not about being lazy and skipping breakfast. There’s a reason: If you skip a meal, you put your food into this 8-hour window, and then your body itself secretes more growth hormones, your skin gets clearer, and you sleep better. Not only that, from 3 meals, you cut down to 2 meals, which actually makes you spend less money and time.

Intermittent fasting, I believe, is great for you because way back when, this was how the cavemen did it. They’d only eat when they’ve been able to hunt, when food is ready. The body is made to survive food schedules that are intermittent. Another good thing here is that you don’t lose any muscle mass because it takes 36 hours of fasting for that to happen. This is only a daily 16-hour fasting period that allows you to even exercise without getting burned out and then eat a heavy meal after. It’s nothing like starvation.

Given that you have a hectic schedule, how do you prioritize being healthy?
The only secret to how I do it is eating healthy and sustaining my diet.ivan 2Beyond its physical benefits, how does working out affect you?
It balances my hormone response. The thyroid produces all the feel-good chemicals which help you feel better when you’re stressed. I also gain more confidence. In my line of work, we get judged by our appearance, and how much effort you put into exercising can also show the kind of person you are–work ethics-wise. It’s obvious when you’re not taking care of yourself. All the signs show up.

Do you prefer to work out solo or alone?
Solo. Working out with other people allows you to feed off each other’s energies, but that’s not always a good thing because group workouts are not time-efficient, especially when these people are your friends. It won’t be as effective because you won’t reach your full potential when you’re not able to do everything you want.

Following your intermittent fasting schedule, are you strict about your diet? 
From 1-9pm, I eat my 2000 calorie diet for those 8 hours, and yes, I’m strict about it. I don’t eat pork, I only eat beef, chicken, and fish (salmon’s my favorite). Although, admittedly, I cheat a lot. My cheat meal would have to include peanut butter, matcha, and ice cream. But it isn’t necessarily about what I eat. Cheating for me is eating when you eat too much of something, let’s say, triple the actual serving. The real mentality of cheating is never have anything unhealthy. If you do, just take a little bit. Too much of anything is a bad, bad thing – unless if it’s a good thing, then that’s forgivable. Cheating is having double to triple (or even more) servings of something.ivan 3Do you have fitpsirations? 
Sure. That would easily be Ryan Reynolds. You can see, just by looking at him, how well he works because of how well he keeps up with his appearance. And not only that, his hair is graying but we don’t see him slowing down any time soon.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about health and fitness?
Start with something you enjoy, something you’re comfortable in. People always wait for a new year before getting a jumpstart but that’s just a huge marketing scam. Before the first half 2017 is over, they’ve already quit the gym. For me, don’t wait for the next season. Don’t wait to follow a new fad or for your friends to do it. If you want to do it, do it now. Start with something you like enough to commit to, something that’s not too farfetched from your daily life. Keep it simple.

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Photography by Andrea Beldua

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