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art + music by Mags Ocampo

The Scene: Red Ninja Year Ender

Yet again, Red Ninja throws a gig to remember.


Famous for putting together amazing year-end and anniversary shows, Red Ninja Productions did not disappoint on its 8th year. An amazing lineup of bands and artists both old and new kept gig-goers pumped for a full twelve hours of music and merriment. Among the night’s highlights: Raymund Marasigan playing the drums for Cheats; a time-machine like teleportation back to 2007 courtesy of nostalgic set lists from Moonstar88, Hale, and Sandwich; and a 30-minute set of dance-worthy tunes by the night’s clear crowd-favourite, IV of Spades.

red-ninja-1 red-ninja-33 red-ninja-32 red-ninja-31 red-ninja-30 red-ninja-29 red-ninja-28 red-ninja-27 red-ninja-26 red-ninja-25 red-ninja-24 red-ninja-23 red-ninja-22 red-ninja-21 red-ninja-20 red-ninja-19 red-ninja-18 red-ninja-17 red-ninja-16 red-ninja-15 red-ninja-14 red-ninja-13 red-ninja-12 red-ninja-11 red-ninja-10 red-ninja-9 red-ninja-8 red-ninja-7 red-ninja-6 red-ninja-5 red-ninja-3 red-ninja-2

Photographs by Renzo Navarro

Mags Ocampo
Mags Ocampo is a twenty-two-year-old writer, graphic designer, and life guru (or so her friends claim). She currently works as Rogue Media Inc.'s Digital Art Director and takes freelance jobs on the side. She likes divingĀ into whitecaps, reading sad books, and trying to tear down the patriarchy during her spare time. She's taken on adulthood by changing her screen names to her actual name, and thus, can be found as @magsocampo on Twitter and Instagram.