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Road Test: Kate Tokyo Glamorous Lash

This mascara can give you perfectly fanned out lashes


I love a good mascara specially ones that can be found in a department store. My belief is that it’s one of the few makeup items that don’t need to cost a fortune to work amazingly. And after trying a fair share of formulas for my sparse and prone to smudging lashes, Kate Tokyo’s Glamorous Lash (P840) is so far one of the best I’ve used.

Application: The double-ended product comes with a base on one side that unlike others of its kind does what it actually promises; it preps the lashes by adding thickness to the strands without leaving clumps. It makes use of a a small brush that coats each hair evenly. As an added bonus, the base’s bluish gray hue can also be applied onto the lower lashes to give it natural definition without appearing spidery.

Now about the mascara. The brush comes out of the tube clean to dispense just enough product to add volume (that’s buildable without clumps) with each swipe. Its thin curved form also helps curl lashes without the aid of a separate too. Just hold the wand upward for one to two seconds during application.

Wearability: Humidity and pollution is no match for this mascara. The formula stays on the entire day and keeps lashes curled with no flaking or smudging for at least 8 hours.

Removal: Apply a cotton pad soaked in micellar water onto the eyes and hold for about five seconds to loosen. Repeat with a shorter time interval and find that it comes off easier each time with no tugging needed and no residue in the morning.

Cindy Go
Cindy Go
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