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Melt-proof your makeup this summer

Four tips on how to look fresh under the sun

Most women know that it’s easy to look like a hot mess when wearing makeup during summer. From its application down to its wear, it takes so much effort to keep your look from melting off thanks to the sweltering heat and humidity. But for once wouldn’t it be nice not to have your foundation cake or your eyeliner smear? Here we found some updates you can make to melt-proof your makeup and keep you looking fresh all season long.



Touch up with paper
Avoid using powder to get rid of shine because this may cause your makeup to look thick and chunky. Instead, use the matte side of Palladio’s Rice Paper (P325) to get rid of excess oil. Afterward if you find that your foundation is showing signs of caking or is sitting on top of your pores, you may use a clean sponge to gently blend out and restore its evenness. Then you may use the powdered end of the blotter as an option to lightly mattify the face.



Switch to cream
Powder blush can easily give you a streaky finish specially when it blends with sweat which can happen anytime from its application to the course of its wear. To avoid this, we recommend changing to a cream formula, such as Palladio’s I’m Blushing 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip Tint (P450) for a number of reasons: it blends easily and evenly, provides a natural second skin finish, stays on longer, and provides a pretty dewy finish when exposed to hot weather.



Practice priming
We’re always told to wear less makeup during summer because it means there’s less of it to melt off. But the addition of primer to your routine actually does the opposite by creating a barrier that locks in makeup. When shopping for a formula, make sure to look for one that hydrates such as Palladio’s Foundation Primer (P800). This keeps skin’s moisture in check and prevents it from over producing oil that can cause makeup to slide off.



Embrace waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascara may be hard to wear for two reasons: it’s difficult to remove and it can make your lashes fall off. But Palladio’s Aqua Force Mascara (P550) makes a case for this by providing protecting and conditioning ingredients such as bamboo, rice and olive waxes to care for the lashes. And its removal? Nothing that a pad soaked in micellar water can’t erase.


Main photographs by Renzo Navarro
Art Direction by Mags Ocampo

Cindy Go
Cindy Go
She is the Beauty and Wellness editor of TheNeighborhood.ph. She loves dogs.
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Road Test: The Alodia Collection by NYX

We try out the superstar cosplayer’s kit on our favorite makeup-loving boy

unnamed-2Superstar cosplayer and YouTuber Alodia Gosiengfiao is the first Filipina to release her very own kit in collaboration with cult favorite L.A. brand NYX Professional Makeup. The kit selection is inspired by Japanese anime art and comes in a special box with artwork designed by the talented Alodia herself. Although fans of the anime guru would expect her to draw inspiration from the creative looks she has previously done, the collection is perfect for simple everyday makeup that can also be altered for a night out. “Big bright eyes, pink cheeks and cute lips,” Morenas can easily be intimidated by the look Alodia had in mind putting together the six-piece makeup ensemble. However, Filipina beauties will be pleased to discover that The Neighborhood team put the kit to test on our Renee Ultado, who wrote a beautiful essay on LofficielManila.com titled “A Letter From A Boy Who Wears Makeup.” We saw how it can actually complement your skin tone, enhance your features as well as cater to all shapes and sizes.

Worn by Renee Ultado
Makeup by Pia Samson
Art Direction by Mags Ocampo
Shot by Renzo Navarro
Video edited by Arianna Mercado

Darleen Sy
Darleen Sy is a freelance multimedia artist and aspiring creative director. An old soul at heart, she enjoys having long and deep philosophical conversations. If she's not cooking up vegan dishes, she's probably out exploring new things to do and places to visit. You can find her on Instagram at @darleensy.
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We’ve Got a Summer Crush on These Super Hydrating Lipsticks

Kiss parched lips goodbye with Revlon’s Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor.

More often the not, my final pick for which lipstick to swipe on before leaving the house comes down to the question: ‘how much will this dry out my lips?’ If the answer happens to be ‘a lot’— necessitating multiple applications of lip balm throughout the day—then I’ll usually skip out, especially when it comes to summer. With daily temperatures peaking at a sweltering 35° Celsius, I’m less and less inclined to sacrifice the little hydration left in my body for the sake of a matte lip (not a dig; if you can somehow manage this without your lips flaking intensely, please hit me up with your secret).NBHD-revlon-gif

In the meantime, Revlon’s just released Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor line is the hydration-soaked solution to all your summertime lip dilemmas. The line introduces 15 vibrant pigments suspended in a clear gel that’s infused with hylauronic acid to keep your lips moisturized all day long. The high-shine hybrid is sort of like a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, resulting in a formulation whose color, slip, and staying power exists somewhere in between the two.

Some shades go on super pigmented (like Lava and Twilight) while others are more buildable and sheer (Sand and Coral), but because of their intensely moisturizing properties, you don’t have to worry about any of them being too high-maintenance. Comfortable enough to withstand this particularly intense season in the tropics, this is one lipstick we’ll be packing with us even after summer is over.

Art by Mags Ocampo

Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
Sam is the digital editor of L’Officiel Manila. Formerly the founding editor of The Neighborhood and the editor-in-chief of Candy magazine, she is also a columnist for The Philippine Star's Young Star section. Follow her on Instagram at @sampotenciano.