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food + drinks by Alyssa Castillo

Alabang’s #SecretSecret Japanese house excites local palates

Mr. Roboto’s array of contemporary flavors puts a twist on a well-loved cuisine

When the man behind Neil’s Kitchen is your dad, you’d obviously grow up being exposed to food. That’s how it was for Daniella Ramos, a pastry graduate from Le Cordon Bleu who unexpectedly didn’t go the dessert route. After she and business partner David Mendoza went on an extensive food trip to Tokyo and Osaka, they decided to start Mr. Roboto out of her love for cooking and his appetite.roboto-5Mr. Roboto is all about modern Japanese cuisine, but without that Westerner tendency of overwhelming you with flavors. Here, they highlight the taste of the fish by using a star ingredient as well as complementing sauces for every dish on the menu. The latter is an impressive list that includes pink salmon and roasted beet sauce, tuna sesame, unagi, teriyaki, spicy mayo, herb mayo, and uni butter. If you’re a fan of that kind of variety, you’ll most likely enjoy their sashimi sample platter, with salmon that is soy sauce brushed, one that is spicy, and one with cream cheese. “We make everything from scratch,” the young chef proudly says. “We want to know exactly what we serve to you.”roboto-4Among their many rolls, the Mr. Roboto maki is the quiet hero and comes with tuna in three ways—spicy, negi, and oburi—with cucumber or radish and furatake rice. “Everyone’s doing crazy things with rolls these days. They stuff everything in,” Daniella explains. “What we do is we build them up from the base to the top. This way, you see how much you’re getting.” Meanwhile, the not-so-hush-hush components of their Secret Secret roll are unagi, pickled radish, caviar, and ebiko.roboto-2The chirashi bowls offer salmon or tuna in five different ways, one of which has soy truffle. On the side are poached, pickled, and torched prawns and Japanese ceviche made of sake, ginger, and lemon. There’s also the bestselling lamb katsu bowl where you can choose between homemade sauces of curry or gravy.roboto-1They play up their nigiris as well, with their Ika version coming in black squid ink rice with torched and pickled squid on top as well as negi, teriyaki sauce, and ebiko. Their Shake’s rice is pink from the salmon beet sauce, which is topped with the negi cream cheese and soy truffle salmon.roboto-7As the food pleases the palate, Mr. Roboto’s design concept appeals to the eyesight. The duo’s fondness for the Styx song that their restaurant is named after made them decide on the 80s retro Japanese theme, adding old anime like of Voltes V and Mazinger Z to their aesthetic. They even named some their dishes after these cartoon characters. All these to the beat of cool 80s music.roboto-3One other secret of the restaurant lies behind the open counter: an all-female sushi rolling team Daniella and David believe that a woman belongs in an authentic Japanese restaurant and that female hands aren’t too warm to preserve the quality of fish. “Having female sushi chefs is kind of our way of breaking the mold,” Daniella says, and continues that she is fueled by making people happy with her food. “I’m really blessed that I can make a business out of doing what I love.”

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