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Check Out: Get your next beauty fix for free

The best time to restock on your makeup? Right before a party.

The first places that come to mind when I need to get made up or pampered would be the salon or the spa. But with the hectic holiday season, I find myself searching for ways to save both my time and my money. Little did I know that it was all about timing. If you time your big personal care purchases right before a party, you won’t need to spend a centavo on getting your hair or makeup done. I went through the different counters of SM Beauty and learned more about the free services they offer.


Free hair coloring by L’Oreal Paris
For as low as P299, you can purchase hair dye, which comes with free hair color application by their beauty technicians. Of course, they blow dry your hair afterward, so you can head straight to your Christmas reunion.

Skin pampering by Origins
Skin looking dull and lifeless? Origins provides five different skin-pampering services, ranging from a 5-minute exfoliation to a 20-minute feel good facial. If you’re not sure which one to try,  their beauty consultant can recommend a treatment based on your skin type.

Cleansing facial by Shisedo
Get rid of icky blackheads and rejuvenate your skin with a one-hour cleansing facial, when you purchase P10,000 worth of products from Shisedo. If you just need a quick fix, they also provide a 15-minute facial with no minimum purchase required. After the facial, they apply foundation, powder, lipstick, and eyebrow makeup, leaving you with a fresh and natural look.

Makeup tutorial by Clinique
Always wanted to learn how to do a cat eye? A beauty consultant from Clinique can teach you a simple routine for your specific needs in just 15 minutes—from perfecting your base, to nailing that smokey eye, and learning a convenient makeup routine for traveling.

Free makeover!
Nearly all the stalls in SM Beauty provide free makeup service. Well-loved brands like M.A.C, Nyx, and Revlon provide full makeup services by their trained makeup artists, for a minimum purchase of P3,000, P2,500, and P1,500 respectively.

Pro tip: Beauty consultants from brands in the smaller stalls, like BLK, Pink Sugar, and Catrice, will do your full makeup for any purchase. Yes, even just one lipstick.


Ica Rivera
Ica thinks acc**nt*ng and f*n*nc* are bad words. She'd rather talk about music, films, or literally anything else.
style by Renee Ultado

Road Test: Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayons

Our makeup guy finds more ways to use the American beauty brand’s latest hero product


I never fully got the kilay craze. Why would anyone willingly draw on thick, harsh lines as eyebrows and have the courage to go out and face the world. But then again, we’re all free to put whatever we want on our faces. It’s just that I personally subscribe to the school of thought that the best makeup is invisible, for someone to look at your well-blended mug and not know where exactly the illusion starts and ends. To go out there and convince onlookers that yes, I was actually born kind of pretty. So when I was asked to road test the Revlon Colorstay brow crayons, I took it with enthusiasm but also with a fat grain of salt.

Around the same time, I was impatiently waiting for a contour kit to arrive in the mail, no thanks to our unapologetically inefficient public postage. A gal had to be creative. I noticed that the Revlon crayons, with its creamy consistency and cool-toned shades, could possibly double as cream contour. They did. The shade Dark Brown slashed my cheekbones and jaw line quite flatteringly and blended with warm fingers after foundation, before setting powder, it was easy to control and appeared hypernatural.

The Light Brown shade provided a softer contour on the nose and a sandy taupe eyeshadow color on the lids. Blonde proved to be a dependable eyeshadow base for more dramatic looks. While my contour kit never made it to my PO box, I am at peace with the thought that I have a good, albeit repurposed set of crayons to casually modify my bone structure and that someone, somewhere out there is a customs personnel bronzed and aptly contoured for the gods, waiting for the next package that will consequently be reported missing.

Renee Ultado
Renee Ultado is a stylist and writer fueled by glamour, caffeine, tequila shots (sometimes), an unswayed faith in the goodness of other people (always), and the reassuring thought that Mariah Carey is out there somewhere in a rhinestone studded slip dress doing the Lord's work. Find him on Instagram as @reneeultado.
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We’ve Got a Summer Crush on These Super Hydrating Lipsticks

Kiss parched lips goodbye with Revlon’s Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor.

More often the not, my final pick for which lipstick to swipe on before leaving the house comes down to the question: ‘how much will this dry out my lips?’ If the answer happens to be ‘a lot’— necessitating multiple applications of lip balm throughout the day—then I’ll usually skip out, especially when it comes to summer. With daily temperatures peaking at a sweltering 35° Celsius, I’m less and less inclined to sacrifice the little hydration left in my body for the sake of a matte lip (not a dig; if you can somehow manage this without your lips flaking intensely, please hit me up with your secret).NBHD-revlon-gif

In the meantime, Revlon’s just released Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor line is the hydration-soaked solution to all your summertime lip dilemmas. The line introduces 15 vibrant pigments suspended in a clear gel that’s infused with hylauronic acid to keep your lips moisturized all day long. The high-shine hybrid is sort of like a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, resulting in a formulation whose color, slip, and staying power exists somewhere in between the two.

Some shades go on super pigmented (like Lava and Twilight) while others are more buildable and sheer (Sand and Coral), but because of their intensely moisturizing properties, you don’t have to worry about any of them being too high-maintenance. Comfortable enough to withstand this particularly intense season in the tropics, this is one lipstick we’ll be packing with us even after summer is over.

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Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
Sam is the digital editor of L’Officiel Manila. Formerly the founding editor of The Neighborhood and the editor-in-chief of Candy magazine, she is also a columnist for The Philippine Star's Young Star section. Follow her on Instagram at @sampotenciano.