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style by Mags Ocampo

The Scene: Support Your Friends Pop-Up Launch

Support Your Friends introduced a new collection with free-flowing O2Linn soju, and a talented lineup of underground performers


Support Your Friends, the brainchild of brothers Ralph and Randell Cruz, celebrated its first anniversary by dropping a new collection at their pop-up launch in Kapwa Studio, Poblacion. The barbershop cum event space was overflowing with people all throughout the night.  While guests were served Heineken beers, O2Linn soju by GCRM, and food from The Burgery, a handful of up and coming artists served some beats—No One’s Home, Benz Lee, and Owle, to name a few.

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Photographs by Renzo Navarro
Produced by Mags Ocampo

Mags Ocampo
Mags Ocampo is a twenty-two-year-old writer, graphic designer, and life guru (or so her friends claim). She currently works as Rogue Media Inc.'s Digital Art Director and takes freelance jobs on the side. She likes diving into whitecaps, reading sad books, and trying to tear down the patriarchy during her spare time. She's taken on adulthood by changing her screen names to her actual name, and thus, can be found as @magsocampo on Twitter and Instagram.