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Goodbye, neighbor

In our last ever post, we leave you with more songs to keep you company.

When we started out a little over a year ago, we set out to showcase the most interesting things, places, and people within this mega city we call home. In our short time together, we hoped that we were able to inform and entertain you in our own special NBHD way.

Unfortunately, this post marks the end of our journey in lifestyle reportage. Every single one of us—from past editors and staff Sam Potenciano and Emil Hofileña to current team members Renzo Navarro, Cindy Go, Nana Caragay, Alyssa Castillo, Mags Ocampo, and me, Jacs Sampayan—are saddened by the news, obviously. While we feel that there are more things out there that need to be shone a light on, we accept that some things are meant to end way before when we think it should.

And since, there are more that we as a team would like to convey to all of you that what this space can reflect, we will leave you with one of our favorite things to post: a playlist.

From the bottom of our passionate, curious, wandering and oftentimes downright crazy hearts, we offer our sincerest thanks for following us. We wish you well and we hope that you continue discovering magic in whichever corner of the world you may be.

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