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Playlist: In place of silence

Here’s two hours worth of music for when you need to do a lot of thinking.

Whether or not you’re a practicing Catholic, Holy Week presents a great time for reflection. So even if you’re lounging around at home, or off on an adventure somewhere more exciting, we’re sure some free-and-easy alone time is penciled into your itinerary. In place of silence, a solid playlist is all you need for a couple of hours of introspection.

And because we know that it’s important to clear head and only listen to your own thoughts sometimes, we’ve come up with a playlist without vocals. Knock yourself out with a select variety featuring local “mute musicians” like Toms Story and tide/edit, elaborate instrumentals by Explosions in The Sky, to the OSTs of Amelie, Pearl Harbor, and Call Me By Your Name. There’s more but we’ll leave it up to you to press shuffle.

Your friendly Neighborhood team.