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Time Travel to the ‘70s with This Vintage-Inspired Collection

Easy, effortless slips and swing dresses make up Facile’s latest ode to Parisienne chic.

Facile is a local line of uncomplicated, season-free staples that are meant to be easy like Sunday morning. Here we interview the ladies behind the brand on their latest collection.

Individually, could you describe your personal styles? Who or what are some of your major influences?

Rio Jorolan Enriquez: My style has always been a mix of feminine, masculine, and vintage elements, always accented by a pop of color, an interesting print, quirky shoes, or my go-to: bright red lips. I eschew looking too polished, too girly, too sexy, or too trendy, and instead choose basics that have a certain “quirky sophisticate” character to them.

Melissa Orozco: I like mixing things up. I don’t like confining my personal style. It’s more about keeping things comfortable. I’m drawn to prints, neutral palettes, and everything in between. I like the idea of juxtaposing, where you can pair a loud print with a muted one. Lately, I’ve been drawn to Japanese designs. I like their neutral palettes and baggy silhouettes—simple yet chic.

Did you have any specific points of reference when you were putting together this new collection?

Rio: Believe it or not, it was a vintage dress that I found in Paris two years ago that somehow shaped the direction of the new collection.

Melissa: A woman who has that nonchalant sense of style. She’ll wear a pair of sneakers with our dress and then slip on heels in the evening. Someone not so stiff in the way she dresses. The type of person who’d wear a messy bun but still look chic.   facile-2If you could imagine anyone (fictional or otherwise) that epitomizes the audience for this new collection, who would it be and why?

Rio: If I could time-travel, a French woman in the ‘70s would be the perfect girl for this collection. When I design, I definitely always have the Parisian woman in mind: Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, Emmanuelle Alt, Jeanne Damas, etc. If I think they wouldn’t wear it or it wouldn’t look good on the streets of Paris, then I think twice about proceeding.

Melissa: Françoise Hardy. She keeps things subtle. Her style is so easy and cool. I also noticed that she wears a lot of black and white just like our collection.

How do your new pieces fit into a Facile girl’s lifestyle? Do you imagine them worn more for everyday use or saved for special occasions?

Rio: Facile’s pieces are always designed to be fuss-free yet stylish additions to a girl’s current wardrobe. They are never loud, or gaudy, or trendy and can easily be adapted to the wearer’s personal style, whether she chooses to wear them to brunch, to a night out, on a date, or even to the park—whatever season she may find herself in.

Melissa: Like I said, it’s something you can wear with sneakers during the day and then dressed up with heels at night. It’s really about how things are paired and mixed together into a cohesive look.facile-3Facile has always been about easy silhouettes and subdued colorways. In what way has this aesthetic changed over the span of your last few collections?

Rio: This collection is a pared down yet quirkier, vintage-inspired version of the past collections.

Melissa: I think the change is really in adapting to the looks that people like while sticking to our style philosophy of easy pieces. It’s important for us to keep the brand relevant.

What is your favorite piece in the collection and how would you personally style it?

Rio: I love our Striped Slip because the shape is so easy yet the stripes give it that certain je ne sais quoi. I’ve been wearing it with sneakers, espadrilles, mid-heels, and just recently, a trench coat. It looks so good with a blazer too.

Melissa: My favorite would be the striped dress as well. White is perfect for the current season and the weather! Usually I wear a lot of black, so that’s the next best color for me. I’d definitely wear it with a pair of sneakers, simple earrings, and a necklace.

Photography by Ralph Mendoza (c/o Facile)

Sam Potenciano
Sam Potenciano
Sam is the digital editor of L’Officiel Manila. Formerly the founding editor of The Neighborhood and the editor-in-chief of Candy magazine, she is also a columnist for The Philippine Star's Young Star section. Follow her on Instagram at @sampotenciano.