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Yes, we’re still talking about Anello

The Japanese-Italian it bag label finally opens shop in the country

It’s been a while since Anello backpacks crept up on our Instagram feeds. From followers, friends, and social media influencers, there was a time (was it 2015?) when it seemed that every human on Earth had their own Anello bag–purchased from one of their travels abroad, of course.

The Carrot Company founded the brand, the name of which is Italian for “annual growth rings.” The parent company is a world retail giant, owning women’s fashion brand Legato Largo as well accessories label Paquet du Cadeau. It began operations back in 1998 in Osaka, Japan.

But you may ask, what exactly makes an Anello bag so special? Well, for one, it offers their signature wired wide opening–the “mouth” that changes how anyone would see bags forever. Its exterior pockets with the dimensions of 17cm by 27cm is also an addition for easy storing. And it’s super lightweight at only 470g for the average size. Despite its very structured silhouette, the Anello bag was designed to make life easy for all seasons as you can transform it from a backpack to a hand-carry bag or even a cross body bag.

In the midst of Philippines’ growing demand for the brand, Anello decided to expand its global footprint by recently opening branches at SM Mega Fashion Hall, Estancia Mall in Capitol Common, and UP Town Center, its elevated take on casual style finally within reach.

“We decided to venture in the Philippines to answer the continuously growing clamor for the brand here. Filipinos are one of the biggest consumers of Anello bags, both in Japan, and in most other countries where we are present, and for that we are most thankful,” says Takeshi Yoshida, president of Carrot Company, the retail giant that manufactures and distributes the bag label all over the world. “In the years to come, we aim to continue producing new items to make sure that we are always able to delight and answer the needs of our customers.”

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